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Thyme and Sage Hair Are Great Ingredients for A Hair Shampoo
Thyme Shampoo, Sage Shampoo - we say combine them together to get one of the best deep cleansing herbal shampoos on the market and you can do this without having to use super harsh surfactants like sodium laurel suphate to get deep into the hair follicle to remove build up.
Almost 90% of women that were checked for hair follicle blockage or scalp build up were found to have significant build up by the age of 24. This build up prevents hair from being its healthiest and looking its healthiest. The build up impedes blood flow at a very micro capillary level. This build up also pinches the hair and this why your hair loses its shine, often loses its thickness but mainly because fragile and breaks very easily.

Thyme & Sage Shampoo

We strongly suggest using a thyme shampoo and sage shampoo, but we can't stress enough how important it is to use a thyme and sage shampoo, when these two herbal ingredients are combined into one product.