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Zinc Plex Best Shampoo for Oily Hair & Scalp
What is the Best shampoo for oily hair, greasy scalp and other scalp issues that come from excess oils on the hair and scalp? Herbs and Zinc shampoo! Don't Just Wash Away The Scalp Oils! they Will Just Come Right Back! Instead uses the newest in herbal and vitamin technology to regulate the amount of oil that the scalp produces.

The result is the perfect amount of oil produced by the scalp to keep hair from drying out! Many products strip the hair and scalp causing more problems. Our shampoo will regulate this oil to provide just the right amout. You will be amazed at the difference!

Herbs and a natural form of zinc work to eliminated excess sebum secretions on the scalp. This herb and zinc combination work similar to a thermostate to regulate. This means that it will not dry out the scalp but instead just regulate the amount to prevent overly oily conditions.

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Why Do These Products Work So Much Better - Read This
We use a unique system that is designed to greatly enhance the hair itself and the condition of your hair through actions that take place at the scalp level, root level and on the hair fiber! Herbs BURDOCK and IVY target the seborrhea produced at the scalp level. These prevent greasy hair, excess oils, and even dandruff that often accompanies excess oils. The herb fenugreek stimulates hair activity for optimal growth while purifying the hair follicle. This helps to open any clogged hair follicles and remove bacteria that causes the scalp to produce excess oils. Irrigation of the hair follicle is vital to eliminating excess oil production in the future. Hydrolyzed rice proteins offer major protection to both the hair and the scalp. This helps prevent damage to the hair. Excess damage often puts the seborrheic, oil producing activity of the sebum glands in over drive!
Guarantee - The Best Guarantee Because It Works
We offer a complete 60 day money back guarantee on these products! The return rate for these products are nearly zero! They work! Greasy hair and greasy scalp affect many but most people harsh shampoos or clarifying shampoos to deal with this! They can be too harsh and end up drying out and destroying the moisture balance that your scalp should keep!
Many people that want to get rid of excess oils in the hair use clarifying shampoos but this is very bad for the hair and the scalp. The best shampoo that we know is listed above and it works well. Instead of stripping it uses herbs to breakdown the oils and gently remove them without stripping the vital healthy oils in the sebum glnd pocket. It also uses an amino acid form of ziinc that acts as a thermostat to regulate the amount of oils ever produced by the sebum gland. This prevents greasy hair problems in the very first place.

"These are the best products that I have ever used to end my greasy hair issues that I have had since I was around 15 years old!"
Melissa Hammock

"Truly the best remedy - It actually worked when the others simply dries me out like you wouldn't believe!"
David Gaines

"I own a salon in Atlanta Ga and have over 40 customers on this shampoo and conditioner. They all swear by and so do I"
Amy Owens