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dead sea hair shampoo

"The Healthiest Ingredient That You Can Put In A Hair Treamtent, Shampoo or Conditioner Comes From The Dead Sea"

No other ingredient can purify, detoxify and create the perfect environment for hair growth and healthy scalp conditions like dead sea mud and dead sea minerals. Mineral content is very important for a healthy scalp and hair yet most products simply chip away at your mineral levels. The scalp's moisture barrier it is protection against dandruff, psoriasis, bacteria and other similar issues.

Many people travel to the Dead Sea to take baths in its unparalleled waters.  These waters have been shown to treat many problems because of its naturally high mineral content, higher than any other body of water.  In fact the dead sea contains over 26 minerals including magnesium, zinc, bromine, iodine, and potassium.  We can get some of the same effects by using mud from the dead sea for skin and hair care. The magnesium in dead sea mud helps with the metabolism of skin cells. The fine grains in the mud gently exfoliate the skin and remove impurities. It leaves skin glowing and looking more youthful. It is an anti-allergen and promotes healing from skin to hair!

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Dead Sea Lotion 8 oz (Mineral Enriched) Dead Sea Shampoo 12 oz Dead Sea Shampoo 12 oz and Dead Sea Conditioner 8 oz
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Dead Sea Lotion Dead Sea Shampoo Dead Sea Shampoo and Conditioner