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About Lasers
Lasers for Skin Care - Hand Held and Used In The Privacy of Your Own Home!
Our top selling category beacause of the efficacy of these lasers as well as the low cost compared to having to pay for treatments in an actual laser treatment facility! These lasers reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne, rosacea, skin scars.
This laser is our top selling low level laser that promotes anti aging, clear and radiant skin unlike any cream or topical can! It is completely safe and can be used in the privacy of your home! It can be used over and over again without additional costs! A truly effective, safe and painless way to get the perfect skin that are searching for!
hand held skin care laser treatments 
  Major Benefits of The Lasers Are:
  Reduction in the Appearance of!
  •   Stretch marks
  •   Wrinkles
  •   Skin Scars
  •   Skin Redness
  •   Erase Fine Lines
  •   Pain Free Use
  •   Use on All Skin Types
  •   Portable for Traveling
  •   Focused Beam Density Laser
  •   Meets FDA LAser Safety Requirements
  •   A Top Seller
Here are some before and after Pictures of those that have used the lasers!

The leftside is the skin care laser and the right side is Hair Max Hair Laser!

Lasers works by getting the very smallest of atoms stimulated! This is done through the release of light energy that no cream or serum can match! What matters most with each type of laser is what the wavelength will be. The wave legnth controls the designed use of the energy that is omitted from the laser. THis is how some lasers can be used for pointing devices and the others for brilliance in skin care.

This laser is set to stimulate the epidermis or skin only! By stimulating the epidermis only and this causes certain biological skin cellreactions that include a major increase collagen and ATP production as well as increased micro circulation to the area the laser is applied to. These biological cell reactions are what cause beautiful, tighter, firmer and more rejuvenated skin. A cell reaction is what caues true healing of the skin at a very deep level.

laser before after pictures