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Zinc PCA Aloe Vera
Argan Oil Surfactants - Mild Cleansers
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Coconut Oil Moroccan Oil
Rosemary Oil Apple Cider Vinegar
Saw Palmetto Biotin
Dead Sea Hair Vitamins Ingredients
Surfactants - Harsh Essential Oils

Hair Products Ingredients:

Click on the links above to see the very best and even the worst ingredients that are used in shampoos and conditioners. But more importantly see which essential oils, surfactants, herbal extracts and more can help wtih your hair problem. Many people get stuck in the same rut using the very same cheap hair shampoos that may be causing them more hair problems. Learn about the hair shampoos that are up to 7x more powerful than even other hair salon shampoos. Browse the ingredients to find the best ingredients for YOU!
We use the top therapeautic oils and hair ingredients in our shampoos! Boost Shampoos are considered treatment shampoos, conditioners and hair oils. This is because each is designed for a specific result. To get these results we use ingredients that actually heal the scalp, clear the hair follicle and moisturize the hair from the inside out to name a few.
Some examples of important ingredients include zinc, moroccan or argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and much more. Moroccan oil shampoo and moroccan oil hair conditioner with the Boost Intensive Therapy System use only the highest quality oils at therapeautic levels!
Learn about how important each of the hair ingredients above can be to heal many of the same hair problems and scalp problems that you have trying to heal for years! These are therapeautic ingredients!