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Thinning Hair Products, Shampoos & Treatments

Thinning hair products, treatments and shampoo for men and women with thinning hair or hair that is starting to thin out! Healthy Hair means Using the Correct Hair Care Products for Specific situations such as thinning hair in men and in women. Here are the best sellers for thinning hair in women and men. Read about each one and contact if you have questions. We specialize in this commo problem and are here to help with your questions.
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Saw Palmetto Shampoo 12 oz Vital Hair - Hair Vitamins by Boost
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Saw Palmetto Shampoo for Men or Women Best Vitamin For Healthy Hair

Saw Palmetto Shampoo with Premium Extract

When it comes to finding a really good extract that helps with many of the different aspects of hair growth then Saw Palmetto is the answer. Numerous studies have been done to show the ht blocking and inhibiting effects on the hair receptors found on the root of both men and women.
Our top selling hair vitamin that even outsells Nioxin hair vitamins!
There are some amazing brands of hair loss products and hair loss vitamins that can really stop or prevent hair thinning in both women and men and then with time can actually reverse the appearance of blading in men and diffuse or all over thinning in women. The thing to remember is that the earlier that you catch it the better the results typically are.


stress - hormones - more stress - lack of nutrition - lack of circulation - dht - clogged follicles
The reasons for thinning hair or balding change based on gender, age and race. For example with women. We almost always find out that stress plays a vital role in all hair loss but especially with those that have frontal thinning only in men and a slow thinning in women. This slow thin occurs as the body becomes stressed. As as a reaction to chronic stress the body pulls the blood away from the skin and follicles and keeps it rich in the major organs. This is typically called flight or flight and is supposed to only last a few minutes to maybe an hour. But our culture has left us with chronic stress. This results in the stress reflex. Hair will continue to thin out until some type of action is taken. One of the very first things that can be done to help stress hair loss is to start taking a very good hair vitamin. These are very good fro the body in general since the b vitamins and specific minerals can literally be felt by the body overnight. We also suggest a stimulant shampoo as these shampoos help to bring the nutrition from the vitamin to the actual hair follicle.
For dht hormone hair loss the only way to defeat thinning hair is by attacking the actual hormone itself right in the follicle, where it is secreted. This is done by deep cleansing the hair follicle and the root of the hair. The next step is to use a dht blocker to help block the dht hormone from ever forming. The third step is to stimulate and add nutrients. Once dht is minimized the hair wil need much nutrition to grow again properly. A good hair vitamin along with a vitamin based shampoo is vital.
Here are our product suggestions based on what you think might be causing your hair loss or thinning hair.

Oily Scalp and Hair Loss or Fall

This is very common for several reasons. The first is that the enzyme which turns testosterone to dht (called 5 alpha reductase enzyme) feeds off the scalp oils. The more excess oils and cholesterol then the faster the process of making dht in the follicle occurs. Also when sebum is not removed and mixes with yeast, bacteria, fungus it can stay trapped inside the follicle. This causes inflammation and a thinning of the area that the hair is allowed to reproduce in. For healthy growth make sure to clean out the follicles and remove unwanted and excess sebum even if it is hardened. Look for the zinc shampoo to do this along with the specific scalp scrub made just for exfoliating the scalp plugs.