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A Lot Of Products Sold To Find The Best Fingernail Treatment For Strength and Growth

After 20 Years of Selling Different Fingernail Products We Have Found The Product that Gives Better Results Than Any Of The Previous That We Have Sold. We have always known that there were specific oils that did better than most of the vitamin based products. We believed it was because the oils penetrated deeper and we know that the cells in the nail needed the omegas. However it wasn't until we found a specific blend of the oils and another ingredient that we were able to see exactly how effective they could be when used with a synergy approach.

What Oils Worked Best For Healthy Fingernails?

The oils that always worked best were jojoba, argan and an omega blend that included olive ( and a few others - have to be a little secretive to keep the formula away from the competition). These always gave pretty good results. This was partly because of their ability to deeply penetrate to where the cells were made for the nail itself. It was delivered directly to the area we wanted it to. We tried adding many different vitamins but these did not make the product any better. It wasn't until we added a specific form of zinc that we saw the best results. We know zinc helps with bacteria and fungus issues but it is also special for creating a base for the amino acids that make up the proteins....and then to be honest we really don't know why the results were so good but they were.

What Results Did We Get When We Added Zinc With An Attached Salt?

We noticed that the nails grew really fast, they grew really strong. The ridges an ridge lines dissipated and this happened at all ages. The nails that had a hint of yellow or had lines or slight cracks - well these went away. The cloudiness that many of us have dissapeared. This special form of zinc also help anybody dealing with thickened nails. We tried the zinc without the oils and it did not work. We found a formulation of oils and specific herbs and then this special form of zinc that works better than anything we have used in 20 years. If you are having some issues definitely give it a shot. The results have been phenomenal. It is Called Zinc & Argan Complex Nail Cream.