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Order Essential Oil Shampoos by the Gallon or Half Gallon Custom Made

Custom Made means that we don't have to use the harsh preservatives that many hair product companies do. They will over preserve because it will sit on the shelf for a while. By custom making we can also add the different essential oil ingredients that you will want in your specialty made shampoo. The essential oils are often the aroma they are all fragrance free with regards to traditional fragrance.

How Long Does It Take To Make Your Custom Shampoo

We Make Them Quickly! Most are made and go out within 2 days. This is why so many people love to buy from us. They can keep the bad ingredients like dmdm hydantoin, parabens, harsh preservatives and others and also custom add essential oils

Who Buys These Custom Shampoos with Added Oils

Many of our customers are very aware of their bodies and don't want to put harsh ingredients on the body's largest organ which is the skin. It will be absorbed. Many of our customers have dealt with health crisis and are making a change to a much healther lifestyle that includes using less chemical beauty products. We also have those that are aware of the power of essential oils on the body and the energy that they promote through out the body. Many of our customers use the shampoos for chakra health since the crown chakra is where the shampoo is added daily. Whatever your reason we have the very best waiting for you to add your personal touch by choosing from a blend of essential oils or just adding the exact ones that you would like.