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Cinnamon Shampoo and Conditioner

Cinnamon Shampoo and Conditioner for amazing results for both hair health and scalp health. a long time spa favorite but it is very hard to find! Cinnamon has been traditionally used for seasoning.  It has many healthy benefits delivered with a sweet distinctive aroma.   It can also be a healthy addition for skin and hair. 

Cinnamon is a mild astringent.  It is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.   It is good for removing pimples and reducing inflammation.  Cinnamon oil is very strong so it should not be used directly on the skin, but works well when diluted in a formulation or when mixed with other essential oils.  Cinnamon is often mixed with honey to treat bug bites and stings.

Cinnamon is also helpful in preventing hair loss.  It is stimulating to the scalp.  It increases blood flow and circulation which helps hair grow faster and stronger.