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Neem Shampoo & Neem Oil Conditioner

Neem Oil shampoo and Neem Conditioner are top seller sfor I Neem Oil has many uses and is especially efffective in hair shampoos and conditioner. Neem is especially great for the skin, scalp and skin disorders. Neem soap and creams are great for the skin. 
High Grade Neem Oil sooths itchy and irritated skin and scalp. It has been shown to lighten scars and pigmentation. Neem adds moisture and relief to dry cracked skin. this oil is gentle on human skin but potent to bacteria, fungus, and parasites that invade the scalp and skin and cause a variety of skin rash and scalp rash problems.
High Grade Neem Shampoo and Body Wash is an  extremely effective and non toxic way to kill body lice and scabbies. Neem is especially useful on skin conditions such as acne, eczema, oily skin and psoriasis.  It works well at reducing acne because it kills the bacteria that causes acne without further irritating skin.  It is soothing and will reduce redness and irritation. Neem is mild. If you use a harsh chemical on the face it tends to make the face irritated causing the sebaceous glands to produce more oil resulitng in more problems. The result is oily skin and more acne, rashes etch.  Neem is able to treat acne naturally and gently. 
NEEM is a great alternative to chemical products!