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Almond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner For Amazing Hair

Almond oil is an excellent source for Vitamin E and D.  It has a sweet smell and contains the minerals calcium and magnesium and essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are much needed by the hair and often overlooked by those that need it the most. Most shampoos strip and destroy. This almond oil shampoo rebuilds and fortifies from the inside out!

It is a versatile oil that works on all skin types, dry or oily creating improved complexions and glow.  Almond oil is a deep moisturizer.  It soothes irritated and inflamed skin.  It also reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging, including dark circles.  Dry itchy skin will find relief from almond oil.   It is nourishing and will soothe and soften dry skin and cure chapped lips. 

The high concentration of fatty acids in almond oil will add luster to hair, giving amazing shine and health - not just a coating.  It soothes the hair cuticles and leaves hair shiny, stronger, thicker, and longer.  It helps reduce hair loss.  It is a great natural remedy for the hair.  Many hair products use chemicals to provide temporary moisture or shine, but almond oil can natural provide nutrients to the hair making it beautiful for the long term.  It is a great cleansing agent as well.