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Can You Tell Us About The Company?
I Want That Hair offers over 500 different brand name hair care, skin care and body wrap products. We are unique in the fact that we carry so many different products. Brand names at lower prices and quicker service is what we strive for. Most orders are shipped within 1 to 48 hours! We stock almost all major brands and have expertise in them. you can contact us at to learn more about the best products for your specific hair type of your hair problems. For most this is the most valuable tool since not even hair stylist have a good understanding of the products available.
What is your return policy?
We take returns for 45 days after the sale of the product for defective, unopened merchandise. Please contact us for an RMA. There is no restocking fee!
What parts of the country and world do you ship to?
We ship all over the USA and also to Canada, UK, Australia and similar countries.
What if I have a defective product?
Simply contact us for a RMA (return merchant authorization) and we will give you the address to return it to.
 Do your products have a warranty? All products are warranted to be free of defects and bad product. We offer a 30 day return period for this.
 How long have you been in business? The owner of I Want That has been selling hair care producs for over 17 years both online and off.
Are your online transactions secure?
EXTREMELY -The absolute best in security with advanced and state of the art online security.
Do you ever sell or rent my personal information including email? NEVER! Our privacy policy is very strict and we do not ever release or sale or rent your information and that includes your email address and regular address.
What Are Your Terms of Sale?
1) Any information collected during the sale will remain private and will never be sold to outside companies or release in any way shape or form. We are very strcit about this. Your privacy is our number one concern.
2) Almost all orders will be shipped within 48 hours. In the even of a back order you will be contacted by email.
3) All products have a 45 day defect free warranty. They can be sent back during this time and either your money - less shipping will be refunded or you can replace that product with another product of equal or lesser value (store credit)
Unsolicited E-mail (or SPAM) WE DO NOT send unsolicited e-mail. If you receive an unsolicited email that you believe is connected with us in any way, please forward the e-mail (as an enclosure) for further investigation. If you sign up for our promotional email list, you may receive our deal announcement from time to time. You can opt out the list anytime by replying to the unsubscribe instructions in the email.