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End Hair Breakage - Hair Splitting - Hair Damage - Split Ends

Heal Hair Breakage - Hair Splitting - Hair Damage - Split Ends

If your hair has breakage or damage then it is important to stop this trend in its tracks. Most products want to use a dimethicone to coat your hair. While this makes it seem healthier in reality your hair is no healthier than it was. And when you style your hair with flat irons the dimethicone can actually cause your hair to burn and be damaged more.
About 1 year ago a brand new line of products was introduced to heal damaged and brittle hair from the inside out. There are no dimethicone instead there is Argan Oil also known as Moroccan Oil. Listed below are the very best hair care products with Argan Oil. It is important to know that Argan Oil cuts down the drying time by 30%. This cuts down heat exposure and damage in itself! We strongly urge you to try these products!!! Our customers who try Argan Oil swear by its ability to smooth the hair and make it healthier.

A Recent Study shows that almost 95% of women lack the 8.2 Moisture Content in their hair that is needed to prevent so many different issues including breakage, damage, coarse, breaks easily, hard to style and of course frizzy and split ends.

As the moisture content gets lower and lower you run into even greater issues such diffuse thinning, breakage at the root and not just along the strand, hair thinning all over or in specific spots on the scalp. These are just a few of the problems

Low Moisture Content Affects The Scalp As Well

When it comes to dry scalp the problems can result in inflammation inside the hair follicle. Reduction in the thickness of the outter skin's barrier also known as the skin's lipid barrier. When this is compromised you have many different scalp conditions that can show up such as rashes, eczema type patches and much more. Once again this dryness can result in thinning and much slower hair growth. The diameter of the hair can thin as well.

Results That Last For All Hair Types Including and Especially Treated Hair

If you are wanting lasting results then you have to build up the moisture content. The lower moisture content can also affect hair growth causing it slow or even thin. Most women and men need to have an 8% level. Oils are one of the best ways and in our opinion the best way to get this up in the hair matrix cell but also in the scalp skin's outter most lipid of defense barrier.