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Black Hair Care Products With Rich Growth Oils
The healthiest black hair shampoos, conditioners, treatments and vitamins! Natural and Chemical Treated African American Hair Needs the oils and not some of the cheaper, dilluted oils that so many sell on the market. The pure oils and yes they cost a little more but the results are phenomenal. We strongly suggest looking at the faster growth kit or dry hair kit and see why is one of the leading online marketplaces for those that have the problems mentioned. For over 20 years we have been selling and getting feedback on the best products for curly - open cuticle - hair results. This is why we carry what we do because we know that they work. Products just for healthy hair growth and your hair type! Order today and see the difference. Argan, Jojoba, Emu and much more in their premium forms.
When it comes to Black hair products the most desired ingredients are those for moisture and nutrition for faster hair growth. However, there are many manufacturers out on the market that use cheaper man made ingredients that can do a lot of damage. For example dimethicone makes the hair feel good by coating it but that coating can do a lot of damage to the scalp and also the hair itself. Does it make it feel good short term? Yes. But long term it can be a disaster.

DMDM Hydantoin Can Cause Hair Thinning and Loss

For those that are think all the big companies are making the best hair cae products for you please research the lawsuit with a big hair company that most all of us have bought in the past. You will see that DMDM Hydantoin is the culprit and it is causing hair loss in black women and men as well as other nationalities. There are better alternatives but yes they cost a little more.

Avoid The Created or Synthetic Moisturizers Like Dimethicone

If you are looking for healthy hair growth then ditch the dimethicone and get to a natural oil like jojoba that will cleanse out the hair follicle of the product build up and residue from over the years. This is vital since the buildup inside the hair follicle and cause inflammation which pinches the hair and cuts off the blood or nutrient supply and also the oxygen supply and this means hair growth problems but also issues like dry hair and scalp that often come with a twisted hair cuticle that is found in curly hair. These oils like Jojoba, Moroccan or argan, Emu, Olive, Coconut work from the inside out to create healthy hair and not trap it inside a coating. It is also important to note that natural hair oils won't burn the hair and scalp when heat is applied. The dimethicone when heat is applied will fry your hair and you will smell that burning hair smell. This is especially true with African American Hair.